• Created by Satoshi Nakamoto

W3B App

This is your future. This is your world. This is your W3b. It begins now.

Just for general knowledege and enlightment, your phone or tablet is prompted to notify you of any apps being installed from sources other than their monetized platform. However, I, JC Martin aka Satoshi Nakamoto, President & CEO of Solar Systems, guaranty you that this app is 100% secured and backed by our private policy. Just know that this app is special. This app will be issued World Wide and only through our secured portal ONLY. To verify the Authenticity of the app, a record of download will be kept for security purposes. App downloads are only available through the request form on enterthru.com/w3b-app

  1. Go to Install unknown apps.

    Navigate to Settings. Search for and select Install unknown apps. Then, tap Install unknown apps again.

  2. Allow permission.

    Tap the source that you want to allow app installations from, such as your phone folder. Then, tap the switch next to "Allow from this source" to give permission.

  3. Install the app.

    Your phone or tablet may prompt you with an option to allow Google to inspect installed apps for security. If enabled, this option may still prevent apps from installing. When happens, you can try going back to the app or file want to install, and then try installing it again.

  4. After install.

    Go to Install unknown apps. Then, tap the switch next to "Allow from this source" to TURN OFF permission. You must turn this OFF after every installed app from unknown sources. Please be aware that leaving this on can increase security risks. Trust me. It took me years to realise that not all companies have good intentions. 

If you received our app from elsewhere other than through this request form, it is not Authentic and your security is at risk.

App Request Form

Most requests are processed within 3-5 business days.